Pensacola Last Year.. beach on the brain

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When I cut all my hair off after moving and became a new bitch

Towel is from walmart and drink is from Dunkins 😉

Backpack is from Amazon.. I think it was only $20ISH



Hello my friends!  Lately I have had a fire under my ass to make things happen for myself.. I am so close to graduating, I can taste it on the tip of my tongue.  Most of my classmates are already applying and some even interviewing for salons but I still feel like I need to get out and experience more before all of the settling happens.  My ideal life is one where i can work for myself, maybe own my own spa someday where we offer makeup services as well as skin/ body/ relaxation services.  I know I want to create my own products and have my own line, even if its small.  Just a basic natural regimen that could work for all skin types.. I have had my ups and downs more so over this past year of life and would love to be able to share my life and my story and all of the learning experiences I have had this year and the adventures that go along with them.  I have so many hopes and dreams and I’m trying to go big with all of them and they each seem very tangible to me.  I hope to nanny somewhere this summer.  I’m thinking Maine, Rhode Island, Virginie, Florida, or Texas.  I really have been thinking about spending the summer in Florida a lot over this past week.  It’s been so heavy on my mind.  I got a link from a friend of mine that had a successful experience nannying in New York City for a year so wish me luck!  I really want to make this happen.  Go back and forth to Arkansas for the first month after I graduate, spend time and travel with my friends, a few trips are already in the works so look out for those!  I want to spend a few months maybe 2? By a beach somewhere or at the very least just somewhere new and laid back.  Somewhere where I can continue to grow, be at peace, and focus on my blog and arts.  There are so many things I am working on right now, I’m a bit overwhelmed but in all of the very best ways!  Wish me luck and I’ll be doing the same for any of you!  Follow me on instagram  @Zirbellious and twitter @zirbellious to keep up with me, dm me, or just to get a good giggle I guess…

All my love


Easter in Chicago

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Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice easter chilling out with your friends or family…. or exploring one of your favorite cities like me 😉 . Yesterday I decided to forget about everything else in my life and just ditch and go to Chicago for the day.

I got to go to a few of the places on my chicago restaurants list and discovered a new place as well!  We went to this cute little nerdy coffee place called Wormhole.  It has old video games, old computers, a car on the wall, movie posters, and incredible drinks.  I just got a large Chai (which was perfection) .

We ended up just walking around, no real major plans.  We shopped, went to a cute local thrift store called Kokokokoko (I think that’s the right amount of Ko’s) that actually had been on my list.  They had so much stuff and I ended up walking out with some cute shoes you guys should see soon!  Went to Urban Outfitters, H&M, TopShop, Starbucks… All the basic gal kinda places 😉 what can I say.

I went to Reckless Records.. I’ll definitely be making a trip back there very soon too.  It was so huge and they had a huge variety of music and art.  I only could get a few things so I got an Earth and Sunn O))) vinyl.

This particular trip I didn’t venture to the bean or anything major this time because it was a little too chilly out for all of that but no worries, I know i will be back in Chi very soon for some concerts and a cute little lights festival I’ll have more info on soon.  Was a day well spent with wonderful company, great food, and made some cute ass little memories.  Happy Easter everyone and hope you’re all enjoying your spring!

Tried Something Different

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Some pictures form a lil thing I attempted in the summer when I had red hair and was maybe feeling a little more feisty than usual..  I have just recently gotten a fire under my ass and really been trying to put myself out there more and do more shoots.  I have a few coming up and have already done a very small amount with some friends.  I’m trying really hard to get more comfortable being the one getting my picture taken.  It’s always been something I’ve had interest in I’m just always so in my head about things and it’s just as fun for me to be the one giving direction and taking the shot.  So.  We shall see what happens in the near future.. For now enjoy this lil throwback.



Emerald Park 


Today it is SNOWING here in Milwaukee.  I am staying in till I have to go to class, drinking my favorite tea, and thinking about a day that was so opposite of my current reality.  Before I moved here and had to deal with ice and snow what feels like every single day I was trying my best and having a good ass summer in Arkansas.  I was telling someone about this specific event the other day and thought this would be a good time to share.  My best friend Danielle and I went to this place called Emerald Park in Little Rock, Arkansas after seeing some cute little instagram pictures and what not taken here.  We didn’t do a ton of research and just wanted to go somewhere different, go hiking, and get out of town.  We 100% thought we would go for a small 2 hour hike, go swimming maybe, and then get lunch somewhere cute in the local area.  LITTLE DID WE KNOW.  We ended up getting looooooossssst on this mountain all day and didn’t make it home till 10 pm later that night.  We ended up walking aimlessly around this mountain (it was pretty much just us and we only encountered a handful of people throughout this entire ordeal) for hours, ran out of water, sweat our asses off, repelled down the side of the mountain, and somehow made it out with only a few scratches….. so ridiculous to think about now. Especially today.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s one of those experiences that i look back on and just laugh and go wtf is my life.


I will say the park itself IS pretty.  Just follow the trails closely and pay attention.  And I definitely wouldn’t go alone.  The trails aren’t really marked as you go and their website had very little to offer to help us figure out where we were and how to get out.  I would rate it maybe like a 6/10? maybe a 7 in the fall when it isn’t 1000 degrees and humid!

That’s it for now guys, I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun stuff

All my love


Unexpected Project Opening Night 



So this is a throwback… One thing I got the opportunity to do while i spent a few weeks in Arkansas this summer was I finally got to work with/for The Unexpected Project!  The project has been a thing in fort smith for three years now and as much as I love art and have always been so down to volunteer, the people that run it are not exactly the most welcoming..  After years of trying to get in on it I kind of randomly was asked through a friend if I wanted to work with the local business throwing the opening night party.  I jumped at the opportunity and ended up serving cocktails for like an hour and then I was free to mingle with artists from around the world!  It was really cool to be in my own little hometown and surrounded by all of these fantastic people from all kinds of places with one thing in common: ART.  The night was one that I will always remember because it was so fun and the kind of energy in the room was just so inspiring.. I felt like me.  And I made some good contacts 😉

I’m really excited to see what happens in Fort Smith in the next couple years. The people there are really trying to make something special.  I met some local artists and some people my age that are local business owners or just you know, people with some really inspiring dreams and the ambition to try and make them a reality.  The party itself was held in a building called The New Theater.  I had no idea that this run down forgotten building in downtown had once been a theater.  They redid the inside and added some murals and artwork by @dozegreen and it’s a truly one of a kind little space now.  It isn’t finished just yet but it’s already pretty incredible.  The next couple years they are working on the building in the hopes that it’ll be a music venue, movie theater, play theater…. all kinds of cool stuff.  It’s a cool thing to be able to look back and know that I was a part of something in its beginning stages and I hope it grows and changes the area.

Thanks for the read, come back tomorrow for something special!

All my love