Pensacola Last Year.. beach on the brain

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When I cut all my hair off after moving and became a new bitch

Towel is from walmart and drink is from Dunkins 😉

Backpack is from Amazon.. I think it was only $20ISH



Hello my friends!  Lately I have had a fire under my ass to make things happen for myself.. I am so close to graduating, I can taste it on the tip of my tongue.  Most of my classmates are already applying and some even interviewing for salons but I still feel like I need to get out and experience more before all of the settling happens.  My ideal life is one where i can work for myself, maybe own my own spa someday where we offer makeup services as well as skin/ body/ relaxation services.  I know I want to create my own products and have my own line, even if its small.  Just a basic natural regimen that could work for all skin types.. I have had my ups and downs more so over this past year of life and would love to be able to share my life and my story and all of the learning experiences I have had this year and the adventures that go along with them.  I have so many hopes and dreams and I’m trying to go big with all of them and they each seem very tangible to me.  I hope to nanny somewhere this summer.  I’m thinking Maine, Rhode Island, Virginie, Florida, or Texas.  I really have been thinking about spending the summer in Florida a lot over this past week.  It’s been so heavy on my mind.  I got a link from a friend of mine that had a successful experience nannying in New York City for a year so wish me luck!  I really want to make this happen.  Go back and forth to Arkansas for the first month after I graduate, spend time and travel with my friends, a few trips are already in the works so look out for those!  I want to spend a few months maybe 2? By a beach somewhere or at the very least just somewhere new and laid back.  Somewhere where I can continue to grow, be at peace, and focus on my blog and arts.  There are so many things I am working on right now, I’m a bit overwhelmed but in all of the very best ways!  Wish me luck and I’ll be doing the same for any of you!  Follow me on instagram  @Zirbellious and twitter @zirbellious to keep up with me, dm me, or just to get a good giggle I guess…

All my love


Easter in Chicago

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Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice easter chilling out with your friends or family…. or exploring one of your favorite cities like me 😉 . Yesterday I decided to forget about everything else in my life and just ditch and go to Chicago for the day.

I got to go to a few of the places on my chicago restaurants list and discovered a new place as well!  We went to this cute little nerdy coffee place called Wormhole.  It has old video games, old computers, a car on the wall, movie posters, and incredible drinks.  I just got a large Chai (which was perfection) .

We ended up just walking around, no real major plans.  We shopped, went to a cute local thrift store called Kokokokoko (I think that’s the right amount of Ko’s) that actually had been on my list.  They had so much stuff and I ended up walking out with some cute shoes you guys should see soon!  Went to Urban Outfitters, H&M, TopShop, Starbucks… All the basic gal kinda places 😉 what can I say.

I went to Reckless Records.. I’ll definitely be making a trip back there very soon too.  It was so huge and they had a huge variety of music and art.  I only could get a few things so I got an Earth and Sunn O))) vinyl.

This particular trip I didn’t venture to the bean or anything major this time because it was a little too chilly out for all of that but no worries, I know i will be back in Chi very soon for some concerts and a cute little lights festival I’ll have more info on soon.  Was a day well spent with wonderful company, great food, and made some cute ass little memories.  Happy Easter everyone and hope you’re all enjoying your spring!

10 Hours in Chicago

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Hey guys! Long time no see. The past couple months, weeks, days even have been kind of crazy and to say I’ve done a lot in that amount of time would be an understatement.  The next month you guys can expect something from me almost every day.  I’ve been living and seeing things and always plotting, keeping you guys in mind.  😉

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a day in Chicago.  I guess you could say it was like a last little hurrah before school starts back for me this week AND I finally have a steady job. So ya girl is probably going to be a little bit more busy than usual.  I ended up going with my aunts and my grandma and it was a cool little day trip.  Aside from getting like 2 hours of sleep and having to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready and catch a train there it was an easy fun time.

We only had a few hours because we had to catch the 5:30 pm train home but we managed to squeeze in a really full day and I got to see everything that was at the very top of my list of things to do in Chicago.  We went to Shedd Aquarium, because I love loove love a good aquarium.  We spent a lot of time walking around the city and seeing things.  We went out to the famous Giordanos Pizza.  They have a lot of different locations throughout the city and every article I read about places to eat while in town mentioned it AND BOY they were completely right.  I got a little personal six inch pizza on their lunch special menu and it was more than enough to fill me up.  We saw the bean and the rest of Millenuim Park which I could have honestly spent a couple hours in just people watching and thinking.  We spent our last sliver of time up at Willis Tower in the sky deck.  You go up 103 floors in about sixty seconds and your ears pop going up the elevator.  It was one of the most unique experiences and I wish I could’ve spent more time at the top just looking out over Chicago.  It kinda gives you perspective.  You’re in the middle of this huge city and everything looks so tiny.


I think I’m going to start making these little day trips to Chicago more of a weekly or at least biweekly thing.  For like $20 I can take the train there and back and be in a new bigger city for the day.  The air there felt electric and I left feeling just really full and inspired and wanting more.  I’m sure I’ll be back very soon to work down my Chicago bucket list.

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All my love



Hippie Toms Serendipity Farm 

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Hey guys!  Like I said in a previous post my sister and mom came out to see me the other day.  Monday was Memorial Day and also the last day they were in town.  We did the whole family picnic thing of course but afterwards we headed somewhere very unique.  I actually hadn’t heard of Hippie Toms until the day before when I was doing my usual searching of cheap tings to do around me.  Apparently this guy is on American Pickers? Also never seen it so I really don’t know how big of a deal that is.  He only happens to be open two times a year and just my luck on of those two times was memorial day weekend!  It was one of the coolest and most beautiful properties I had ever seen.  He had a few different houses and barn and even a little chapel that he had apparently built all by himself.  He and I’m guessing his wife but I am honestly not sure both were around on the property to talk and take pictures.  I didn’t get the opportunity to speak to him though.  I liked walking through the place more than I liked the actual buying of things.  I only ended up with a little four dollar knitted vest and I am so happy with it and this experience. Oh and then we also got Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream. Very very good day for me.

Thanks for the read!

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Espresso Love

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Wadewitz Nature Center

First day of 80 degree weather

The whole place to myself

Flowers blooming

Espresso Love Cafe

Iced Vanilla Latte in the cutest cup

Gelato or baked goods?

Again THAT cup!


{This was weird but I just rly like these places 10/10 would recommend OKAY}

All my love


Mom Time 

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Hey guys! Today I thought I’d try something a little different… 😉


Greenwood Art Festival

My friend @sheadavon paintings and shirts (I bought one)

Downtown Fort Smith

Steel Horse Rally and murals downtown

Savoy Tea Company with my mom

Vanilla almond green tea latte and ham and cheese croissant


Antiques and junk shopping for stuff I don’t need

Bensons grill with my mom and dad (not pictured) for grilled cheese and sweet tea

A throwback

All my love


Anodyne Coffee 

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Hey guys!  So lately I have been settling into life here in Wisconsin.  I’ve still been exploring probably every other day but I am focusing on getting school and work really together now more than anything else.  One thing that I try to do almost every day, especially if I know I’m going to be making myself sit and focus and do actual productive things is I try to make it out to a little cafe or shop around town and get myself a good cup of coffee.  Something about a really good iced coffee or something full of espresso makes me feel overwhelmingly calm and makes me feel like I can take anything on for the day.  I have a few places under my belt to share with you guys and I will be doing so kinda sporadically over the next couple weeks.  One place that has been at the top of every list I’ve seen online is Anodyne Coffee.  It seems like every foodie in Wisconsin has been here and wants you to go there as well.  As far as I know this is actually a chain that sells their coffee beans to a lot of the local coffee shops around here.  Almost every shop I’ve gone into has a little sign out front that say Anodyne Coffee is sold here!  And after going there myself I can understand why.  I got an iced latte and just sat and people watched for an hour.  The store that I was at unfortunately didn’t make their famous margarita pizzas which I’m not gonna lie I was super disappointed about BUT they do live music and shows every weekend so I will definitely be back soon.  The coffee, the workers, the interior.  Everything in this place is very me, would definitely recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in town and needed a caffeine fix.

Thanks for the read!

All my love