things i want to work on

  • being a better friend
  • being a better blogger and sticking to some sort of schedule
  • taking time out of my day to meditate
  • being less of an introvert… not a bad thing… just not really working for me personally anymore and it’s something about myself id really like to change.
  • my art
  • being less critical of my art
  • putting more of myself out there
  • speaking more kindly about myself and to myself daily
  • taking others feelings into consideration
  • getting up at 7 everyday if not earlier
  • being more realistic
  • planning things out and making them a reality
  • get into doing other peoples makeup
  • get more creative with looks
  • start doing lash extensions on the side bc therapeutic and $$$$
  • budgeting
  • working with other people and branching out more creatively
  • try the local modeling thang
  • get comfortable having your photo taken
  • blog more and get into the docs style you really enjoy
  • learn multiple languages this year
  • !!!!!
  • transition into  veganism
  • speak things into existence
  • be a better friend
  • do more
  • be more
  • build a brand for yourself just being yourself
  • figure out how to work with brands and do it
  • build your socials
  • build this site
  • be happier every day

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