Easter in Chicago

Food, Travel

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice easter chilling out with your friends or family…. or exploring one of your favorite cities like me 😉 . Yesterday I decided to forget about everything else in my life and just ditch and go to Chicago for the day.

I got to go to a few of the places on my chicago restaurants list and discovered a new place as well!  We went to this cute little nerdy coffee place called Wormhole.  It has old video games, old computers, a car on the wall, movie posters, and incredible drinks.  I just got a large Chai (which was perfection) .

We ended up just walking around, no real major plans.  We shopped, went to a cute local thrift store called Kokokokoko (I think that’s the right amount of Ko’s) that actually had been on my list.  They had so much stuff and I ended up walking out with some cute shoes you guys should see soon!  Went to Urban Outfitters, H&M, TopShop, Starbucks… All the basic gal kinda places 😉 what can I say.

I went to Reckless Records.. I’ll definitely be making a trip back there very soon too.  It was so huge and they had a huge variety of music and art.  I only could get a few things so I got an Earth and Sunn O))) vinyl.

This particular trip I didn’t venture to the bean or anything major this time because it was a little too chilly out for all of that but no worries, I know i will be back in Chi very soon for some concerts and a cute little lights festival I’ll have more info on soon.  Was a day well spent with wonderful company, great food, and made some cute ass little memories.  Happy Easter everyone and hope you’re all enjoying your spring!

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