Emerald Park 


Today it is SNOWING here in Milwaukee.  I am staying in till I have to go to class, drinking my favorite tea, and thinking about a day that was so opposite of my current reality.  Before I moved here and had to deal with ice and snow what feels like every single day I was trying my best and having a good ass summer in Arkansas.  I was telling someone about this specific event the other day and thought this would be a good time to share.  My best friend Danielle and I went to this place called Emerald Park in Little Rock, Arkansas after seeing some cute little instagram pictures and what not taken here.  We didn’t do a ton of research and just wanted to go somewhere different, go hiking, and get out of town.  We 100% thought we would go for a small 2 hour hike, go swimming maybe, and then get lunch somewhere cute in the local area.  LITTLE DID WE KNOW.  We ended up getting looooooossssst on this mountain all day and didn’t make it home till 10 pm later that night.  We ended up walking aimlessly around this mountain (it was pretty much just us and we only encountered a handful of people throughout this entire ordeal) for hours, ran out of water, sweat our asses off, repelled down the side of the mountain, and somehow made it out with only a few scratches….. so ridiculous to think about now. Especially today.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s one of those experiences that i look back on and just laugh and go wtf is my life.


I will say the park itself IS pretty.  Just follow the trails closely and pay attention.  And I definitely wouldn’t go alone.  The trails aren’t really marked as you go and their website had very little to offer to help us figure out where we were and how to get out.  I would rate it maybe like a 6/10? maybe a 7 in the fall when it isn’t 1000 degrees and humid!

That’s it for now guys, I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun stuff

All my love


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