OOTD 2-25-18


Long time no see guys! So I have some plans for the blog over this next month and I’m feeling really inspired. I’m thinking that I’m going to start doing more low-maintenance kinda outfit of the day posts. Just whenever I’m feeling cute. Not anything crazy, no big planned shoots or anything. Just a simple mirror pic and explaining where my fit is from. I have some videos I’m editing at the moment and some throwback posts from traveling that will be up really soon! Sorry the long pause but I’ve just been a busy gal! With work, school, and my life being kind of a huge mess I really just haven’t had the time to do what I want with this website and haven’t had the inspiration for it either. Expect a lot more the next couple weeks!

All my love,


coat is a divided black jacket I got at H&M. It was originally $60 or $70??? And I hunted it down at a store near me on sale for $20! I’ve been wearing t a lot lately because it’s so warm and cozy and also makes me feel fancy as hell. …also kinda feel like Macklemore occasionally while wearing it. Still cute tho.shoes are from Forever 21 and they were on sale for $17. You guys will see that most of my clothing is thrifted, but on sale, or I found some sort of deal or coupon. I love clothing but I’m a poor gal and hate to spend more than like $10 on anything I wear. yes this is in a target dressing room but this dress was a $7 clearance find at forever 21 last week! I feel like it fits me so well and it actually hugs my waist which for me is really hard to find. I am a very tiny person and a lot of the time with dresses in this style the smallest size still tends to hang off of me a bit and makes me looks gaunt.. in this particular dress I feel like a tiny lil ice skater and I’m FEELING myself.

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