31 Movies To Watch This Halloween

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Dead Poets Society
  3. Rosemarys Baby
  4. Corpse Bride
  5. Carrie
  6. All of the Harry Potter Series
  7. Frankenweenie
  8. The Craft
  9. Coraline
  10. Silence of the Lambs
  11. The Rite
  12. Beautiful Creatures
  13. The Little Vampire
  14. Deathnote
  15. Halloweentown
  16. The Shining
  17. Practical Magic
  18. All of the Lord of the Rings Series
  19. Hocus Pocus
  20. Paranorman
  21. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  22. Monster House
  23. Annabelle
  24. The Mummy
  25. American Mary
  26. Sleepy Hollow
  27. Haunted Mansion
  28. Beetlejuice
  29. The Addams Family
  30. Nosferatu
  31. Nightmare on Elm Street

2 thoughts on “31 Movies To Watch This Halloween

  1. Hi Haley, some time ago I tried reaching you about a collab but I’m not sure if my mail reached you? So I’m just checking up again with you here in the comments to see if you would be interested. If so you’re more than welcome to write me on laura@blogerize.com to hear some more! Thanks 🙂


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