Unexpected Project Opening Night 



So this is a throwback… One thing I got the opportunity to do while i spent a few weeks in Arkansas this summer was I finally got to work with/for The Unexpected Project!  The project has been a thing in fort smith for three years now and as much as I love art and have always been so down to volunteer, the people that run it are not exactly the most welcoming..  After years of trying to get in on it I kind of randomly was asked through a friend if I wanted to work with the local business throwing the opening night party.  I jumped at the opportunity and ended up serving cocktails for like an hour and then I was free to mingle with artists from around the world!  It was really cool to be in my own little hometown and surrounded by all of these fantastic people from all kinds of places with one thing in common: ART.  The night was one that I will always remember because it was so fun and the kind of energy in the room was just so inspiring.. I felt like me.  And I made some good contacts 😉

I’m really excited to see what happens in Fort Smith in the next couple years. The people there are really trying to make something special.  I met some local artists and some people my age that are local business owners or just you know, people with some really inspiring dreams and the ambition to try and make them a reality.  The party itself was held in a building called The New Theater.  I had no idea that this run down forgotten building in downtown had once been a theater.  They redid the inside and added some murals and artwork by @dozegreen and it’s a truly one of a kind little space now.  It isn’t finished just yet but it’s already pretty incredible.  The next couple years they are working on the building in the hopes that it’ll be a music venue, movie theater, play theater…. all kinds of cool stuff.  It’s a cool thing to be able to look back and know that I was a part of something in its beginning stages and I hope it grows and changes the area.

Thanks for the read, come back tomorrow for something special!

All my love


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