Art Museum 


Hey guys!  So last weekend my mom and sister decided to come out to Wisconsin to visit me.  We did a lot in the few days they were here and I’ll be sharing more throughout the week.  Saturday my mom went with my grandparents to the amish auction a few hours away so me and Carley had the whole day to do whatever we wanted.  Carley specifically asked me if we could go to the art museum in Milwaukee so that was at the top of our list.  I think I’ve said it before but in case I haven’t; this museum is one of the very best I have ever been to. Ever.  The outside, the architecture, perfection.  The inside, the art, you could spend a whole day walking around and probably still miss something. To me this museum is more than worth the $17 admission.  Both of us thought we hadn’t spent a lot of time in the museum but we ended up walking around in there for a little over two hours.  I am so happy I got to finally take her!

Thanks for the read!

All my love


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