Anodyne Coffee 

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Hey guys!  So lately I have been settling into life here in Wisconsin.  I’ve still been exploring probably every other day but I am focusing on getting school and work really together now more than anything else.  One thing that I try to do almost every day, especially if I know I’m going to be making myself sit and focus and do actual productive things is I try to make it out to a little cafe or shop around town and get myself a good cup of coffee.  Something about a really good iced coffee or something full of espresso makes me feel overwhelmingly calm and makes me feel like I can take anything on for the day.  I have a few places under my belt to share with you guys and I will be doing so kinda sporadically over the next couple weeks.  One place that has been at the top of every list I’ve seen online is Anodyne Coffee.  It seems like every foodie in Wisconsin has been here and wants you to go there as well.  As far as I know this is actually a chain that sells their coffee beans to a lot of the local coffee shops around here.  Almost every shop I’ve gone into has a little sign out front that say Anodyne Coffee is sold here!  And after going there myself I can understand why.  I got an iced latte and just sat and people watched for an hour.  The store that I was at unfortunately didn’t make their famous margarita pizzas which I’m not gonna lie I was super disappointed about BUT they do live music and shows every weekend so I will definitely be back soon.  The coffee, the workers, the interior.  Everything in this place is very me, would definitely recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in town and needed a caffeine fix.

Thanks for the read!

All my love


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