Connor Franta! 


Hey guys!  So… If you follow me on my instagram then you might have seen that a few days ago I went to one of the coolest most unique events I have ever been to in my entire life.  This is part of why I love Milwaukee.  Anytime of the day I feel like I can find something unique to do.  There’s always something happening somewhere.

The other day I randomly stumbled upon a post on twitter saying that there was a connor franta event happening two hours.. so I got myself ready, bought a ticket, and drove full speed to make it.  I barely made it in, I was the last person and they had just started the live q&a part of his event.  He was just how you would assume he’d be just from watching his videos.  Funny, charming, goofy, and the whole crowd was loving it.  We all got a signed copy of his book and got to ask questions.  I can’t describe how fun and unique it was to sit and take in this extremely creative and interesting human being for an hour.

After the q/a part we all got an opportunity to walk through a sensory art installation.  It was three rooms, he explained in detail his idea behind each room and how it was representing a different part of his life and how he views things.  Like I said, such an interesting individual.  The first room was this gorgeous floral set up, flowers on the ceiling, sky printed on the floor, a light show going on on all of the walls. Second room was darker, clouds and blue lights all over the place with a fog machine going the whole time.  and then my favorite was the third room.  All mirrors, really bright and colorful and every person gets to write whatever they want and stick it on the wall for the whole tour.  I put my instagram username on mine so let me know if you guys see my note 😉

It was just a really cool experience and no photos or videos I could post would honestly do it justice.  I am so happy I went and I fall more in love with this city every day.  There’s always something random and unique going on waiting for me to find it.

Thanks for reading

All my love



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