Hey guys!  So today I have a little throwback to when I was in Milwaukee the last time!  I am actually in Milwaukee again and it might be permanent for me this time.  The last time I visited I kind of fell in love and shortly after that I had some things happen in my life that just ruined me.  I decided it would be good for me to just get out of where I was and start fresh in a beautiful place where no one knows me.  I have completely fallen in love so far and I’m currently really enjoying myself here.  I’ll be writing and focusing a lot more on this whole experience and what I’m going through but for now enjoy these pictures of one of the best museums I have ever been to!  The Milwaukee Art Museum.  Gorgeous architecture and some really interesting pieces, stuff that I had never seen before.  I really love the art scene here so definitely expect more from me!  For more frequent updates or just to see what I’m up to every day check out my instagram @Zirbellious!

All my love


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