Alone and Growing


Lately I feel like I have been growing.  For once I actually feel like i am doing what I need to be doing for myself.  Actually going after the goals I constantly set for myself.  Even if they are small I’m actually setting out and doing stuff.  I feel like life actually has a real purpose.  I don’t know why I feel like this exactly but I just do and it’s overwhelming.  I feel like myself. I feel alive.  Maybe lifes purpose is to just try your best and be happy.  I feel like everyone always has it in their minds that in order to have some amazing life you need to make a huge impact on the world, cure a disease, solve world hunger.  But I just don;’t feel that way anymore.  I think that if you are just doing you and you’re trying your best everyday just to be your vision of productive and happy then you are doing it my friends. You are actually living.  So for me, I am in this new place.  I’m spending my time alone trying to build and change this website that only like 4 people really look at.  And I’m thrilled about it.  I’m spending more time writing down all of my thoughts even though I’m a pretty below average writer.  But I’m writing every single day and I’m trying to branch out with it finally and get better and have different styles, create different voices for myself.  I’m drawing and sketching and just trying to learn things about myself and just do me.  And it’s wonderful.

All my love


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