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Happy Friday everybody!  Today I have a book review for you guys!  I read this in February and have actually reread it quite a few times since then.  One of my favorite Youtubers, Will Darbyshire wrote this beautiful little thing and I can’t describe how much I’d love to just sit and talk with him for an hour.  This book goes through the stages of crushing and love and breakups and if you’re going through something hard in your life like a break or a breakup or something rocky in general I feel like this would be good for you.  Also I just feel like everyone who is interested in ever having a crush on someone or being in a good healthy relationship should read this.  It made me feel thing and actually tear up which books don’t usually make me do.  It hit me hard in some places and made me think deeper about certain parts of substantial relationships I’ve had in my life.  It also gives you some insight into other people and how they feel.  Idk.  It just hits you.  Don’t worry though if you’re worried about it being a super dark emo read.  It has little bits of light humor and will definitely make you laugh in some places. I sat down and finished this in just a few hours so even if you feel like you never read because you just don’t have the time I would still take a look and try this.  100 percent worth the read!  Find it here!


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