A Look 




SO.  Hello!  A kinda out there post for me but I’m trying to branch out OK.  Last week I finally grew some balls and did makeup on someone other than myself!  I have always wanted to do this but have honestly just been afraid.  I’m really hard on myself with anything creative.  I love my work and I’m always afraid of what people will say about it.  I personally will probably always have to deal with this but at least I’m trying more.  I’m trying to just force myself to do stuff and just know and accept that I”m doing my best and recognize that there is always room for improvement.  This is my friend Josh.. He’s into drag and always wants me to do his makeup.  OBVIOUSLY this isn’t a drag look AT ALL.  I told him how hard on myself I am and just wanted to kind of experiment with someone elses face.  He was totally down so I went over, did a weird alienish look and I’m okay with it.  I honestly just wanted to try out some of my new nyx  cosmic metals lip creams.  I used a mix of the purple and dark blue one on him.  Of course I forgot lashes and eyeliner so that sucked.  I didn’t get to do what I really wanted to on him but I TRIED. And I’m ok with it and this will probably be a regular thing from now on.

Try something you’re farad of today!


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