A Day in Racine 



Hey guys!  The last week of February my dad had an opportunity to go out to Milwaukee (where my whole family is from) for a job interview and I didn’t have a whole lot going on and knew I was about to start school so I wouldn’t be able to go out and just do stuff like this for a few months.  He asked me if I wanted to go with him and I said you know what. Why not?  So I went. And it was wonderful.  And you can definitely expect a couple posts about the trip over the next week or two.  This day we went to Racine which is about 30 minutes away from my grandparents house.  We always try to make it out there anytime we are in town and hit up some of our favorite little spots.  This particular trip we took my cousins out and we went to the Racine Zoo, Nelson’s Dime Store, Kewpees, and O and H Danish Bakery.  The zoo was really cold and a really quick little trip.  A lot of the animals have been moved to different zoos or areas were under construction.  So of course that was kinda a bummer for me.  It was mostly the big cats and the monkeys.  I didn’t get to see my elephants :(.  After the zoo we went to Kewpees!  My family actually owns this restaurant and has for years and years.  I remember growing up we always had a huge family christmas party there and would have the whole place all to ourselves.  If you haven’t been definitely get their homemade root beer and definitely get a double cheeseburger!  Good lord.  It’s a cute little place, the atmosphere is totally unique to itself.  We decided to go to Nelson’s dime store after lunch not totally sure if it would be open or not.  This place has been around for like a hundred years and it has seriously anything you can imagine.  Every time we make it out to Racine we always stop in their and buy something weird.  The store is actually closing pretty soon so everything was dirt cheap.  I got some sew on patches that spell out hottie and I’ll probably put them on a jacket or something.  I also got a banner for cinco de mayo and a little gum cigar.  all for only $6!! What a steal!!  After this we stopped at O&H; a little danish bakery famous for their kringles and pretty much everything else.  We always stop in there and bring some back with us to share with friends in Arkansas because kringle is just not a thing here.  It was a nice little day with the family and probably a perfect first day back in Wisconsin! 10/10 would recommend if you’re ever in town!

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