20 Ideas for 20

  1. Get your shit together with this damn website.  Schedule posts ahead of time when you know you’ll be busy.  Post sad things when you’re sad. It’s fine, it makes you feel better.  Fuck it if people don’t like it, they can click the X.
  2. Get more physically in tune with yourself.  If that means start lifting weights then sure go for it. Just do something physical that makes you feel alive and feel good about yourself this year. This is the year to create good habits for later in life.
  3. Get an esthetician license (I started school last week so girl in 5 months I’ll be set)
  4. Really get into yoga.  I think you should start doing this every morning or every night.  Just a little 10 minute thing even if you’re tired. I feel like this is the time to take up a really good meditative practice to carry you later in life.  Create this habit now and reap the benefits when you’re working that 9-5 later on.
  5.  Make a list of places you want to live.  You know you will never be content you in one place the rest of your life.  That’s just your nature.  A few years here, a few years there.  That’s just how you work.
  6. Make an effort to have flowers or plants in your room every week.  There’s just something about that that makes you feel good so why not do it?  It costs like $10 at walmart or $5 at the farmers market every week so why wouldn’t you do that?
  7. Stop spending money on shitty food.  Stop with the mcdonalds. Stop with the eating out like once a day.  Start packing your lunch for work and stuff.
  8. Get a skincare routine and stick with it (already working on this and will probably have a video up soon)
  9. Start up that podcast you and Danielle have been talking about since high school.  You two together are unstoppable and really fucking funny and you know it.
  10. Get that channel going!! You have so many videos just sitting on this laptop and so many ideas.  Take the time to get off your phone and put that energy towards editing and uploading a video at least once a week!
  11. Get your art out there.  So many times you’ve had the opportunity to submit writing or art to a local show or zine! So do it!  Stop being such a perfectionist and put it out there. (there’s actually an opportunity coming up this week and I’m going to try super hard to get on it)
  12. Take more pictures!!! Do those photo shoots with all of your photographer friends!! Schedule stuff with local people you’ve always admired!!! WYD cancelling on people girl!?
  13. Get rid of a ton of stuff.  I have actually already started this.  I have given so much shit away to savers and goodwill I don’t even want to go there because I feel like it would all be my clothes.  This is the year of getting rid of all of the excess. Stop holding on to stupid shit you don’t use or need.
  14. Do more free lance makeup stuff.  You have always wanted to do this it’s just kinda intimidating to you.  You already did Josh’s makeup last week which wasn’t that hard was it? Go for it!
  15. Keep a journal or book or poems going.  Always want to do this but never follow through.  Always let your mood affect your inspiration and just don’t write.  When really whenever you’re feeling shitty is probably the best time to write.
  16. Go to Hawaii.  Been thinking about moving htere once I get my estheticians license but who knows.  Maybe just a little trip? Maybe don’t come back?
  17. Take more weekend trips.  You used to do this all the fucking time when you first graduated and you didn’t even money then.  So wyd now?  More trips to Hot Springs, local farmers markets on the weekends, trips to the lake, going hiking for the day, VISITING CAVES YOU HAVENT DONE THAT IN YEARS! So much in Arkansas to explore and so many people to visit just a few hours away?
  18. Get somewhere with my own brand.  Get this website going, get my channel poppin, really do my own thing.  That’s the dream right?  I’m really going to be taking a look at how I present myself on social media this year and try to put nothing but positive stuff out there.  Really want to try and brand myself.
  19. Learnt o cook at least one good ass meal. Come on ramen and cereal are not going to make you feel good or fuel your body the rest of your life.
  20. BE HAPPY.  Focus on the positives! Cut out the negative people! Work on yourself!


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