Esthetician Stuff


Hey guys!  So I finished my first week of esthetician training and I am so inspired and feel completely rejuvenated honestly. The program I am in focuses a lot on your own self confidence in your work I feel.  We get all the information but there is honestly so many deeper things that go into esthetics.  Like the other day we briefly learned about stone therapy but we didn’t go in depth and probably will not be receiving stones in our kits.  The concept was something that had always interested me so what did I do? I went out the next day and I found a little beginner kit of stones and now I’m going to experiment on some friends of mine.  In the first five days at school I have already tinted eyebrows and eyelashes, given a facial, learned a little more about essential oils and holistic practices, done a chemical peel, tried out microderm, and probably a lot more that I can’t remember at the moment.  I feel like I can’t shut up about it so I’m sure there’s more.  It’s weird, the past week I have felt like I’ve completely changed as a person.  It’s just cool to be around people that have a desire to learn about the same thing as you, have conversations about things that inspire you, really go in depth about something you love.  I’m already signed up to go to an esthetician conference in Dallas the first week of April and I’m honestly so excited about it.  If you guys are in the Fort Smith area message me on instagram or twitter (@zirbellious on both) and maybe you could be a model or potential client of mine when I start taking clients in a few weeks.  Thought I’d share where I’m at for now, will probably keep you guys updated on this little journey of mine.

All my love


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