Hey guys! So today I have a little review-unboxing kinda thing for you guys.  I purchased these shoes recently from this cute little brand called Strut on Poshmark and i had such a good experience and enjoyed the shoes so much I thought it would be worth sharing.  I of course purchased these with my won money I am not important at all..  The shoes are pictured above, a really cool light blue velvet boot.  I really liked that these had a chunkier heel on them because I feel like they could be really easily dressed up or down.  The packaging was so what really got me though.  A lot of these poshmark companies just send thing out in an envelope or something and there was a lot of thought put into this, looks all handmade and they even wrote me a little thank you note!  If you are interested in a pair of your own or just want to check out some of their other stuff check them out here.



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