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Hey guys!  I have been hit by a lot of inspiration lately and have been drawing/painting/ and writing like crazy.  I painted this a few weeks ago when I was going through a really hard time in my life and it’s not really like anything I have done before. The style is a lot different and I had to try a completely different technique I had never used before.  I think I am going to start sharing some new art pieces with you every once in a while just to kinda get it out there.  I’ve always been really weird about my art.  I guess I’m always afraid of something I really like being criticized or something.  But I am trying to branch out, maybe sell some more pieces like I used to.  I really just want to get some of my stuff out there you know?  Be it my writing, drawings (which I am not the best at just because for me personally it takes a lot of patience to sit down and create something I like with a pencil), or my paintings.  I just want to try some new styles and have my stuff be seen.  Enjoy this piece, it doesn’t have a name but I like it.



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