Feeling Nostalgic

Beauty, Travel, Writings

I feel like every couple months I find myself getting back in touch with an old friend.  I used to be the girl that would kind of migrate friend group to friend group.. Not in a negative-can’t stick with people because I’m fake kinda thing, I was just in this crazy space where I was finding myself.  Specifically my junior year of high school is where I think I did the most jumping around and growing.  I was that kid that spent more time out doing nothing with my friends than at home doing my school work.  I had such a good group of people in my life at that time, and there was quite a few of them.  We don’t keeep in touvh as often as we should now.  Heck, some of us don’t even speak. People change, people grow, and our personalities really develop from our experiences.  These pictures bring me a little bit of sadness but always make me look back and smile.  This week I have been trying really hard to reach out to some old friends pictured above just to say hi and make sure they’re doing well.  Just because you stop talking everyday doesn’t mean you have to act like you don’t know someone.  We used to share all these inside jokes and memories together.


My writing and posts are about to get a little all over the place I think.  I’ve been dealing with a lot lately and just find some solace in putting random thoughts out there.  Thank you guys for reading this if you do.  This is just a nice outlet for me to say whatever I want, even if it isn’t written perfectly and doesn’t quite make sense.  I’ll tell you guys more soon. Thank you so much!



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