Fayetteville Trip {Throwback}


This time last year… If you are ever bored and live in Northwest Arkansas I have a little trip idea for you and honestly the most expensive part is just getting there!  This trip is something the I actually do really frequently.  Just an easy day to get out of town and do something without blowing a lot of cash.  On this trip we went to Fayetteville/ Springdale Arkansas.  We went to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art which I have mentioned before in a previous post.  At the time they had an Andy Warhol exhibit which was an additional $8 but the museum is completely free!   We spent so much time there because it was my boyfriends first time there and we wanted to see everything.  It was around his birthday so I remember we also went to Guitar Center and messed around with some of the musical stuff.  At the time he was looking for a new drum set so  it was pretty much a little errand to get some prices on drums and we also made it into a fun little date.  After that we went to one of my absolute favorite spots in Fayetteville to get lunch.  Hammon Trees. (I think I’m spelling it correctly idk)  It’s what I say is the ideal restaurant.  A grilled cheese based restaurant.  It’s all sandwiches and they all have cute ass names and they’re all delicious.  Also it’s a college town so I think they know that the people they cater to are broke af so it’s really not pricey at all.  I usually get the Scarlet Cheddar.. partly because it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted and partly because the name is based off of my favorite book.  After we ate we walked over to the Dickson Street Bookshop which I for some reason can’t find all the pictures I have taken in there.  It’s one of the most unique bookstores in the world and it’s on quite a few international lists as one of the best bookstores in the world.  It’s covered from the floor to the ceiling in books.  Everywhere.  They have movies, sheet music, magazines, books for every person in every Genre.  If you ask for any kind of book they will either already have it somewhere or are willing to specially order it for you.  We find a way to make it over to the shop every time we are in Fayetteville and can spend hours walking around, sitting on the floor reading, and just browsing through everything.  I feel like every time we go in I find a new hallway or a completely different section I didn’t know existed.  Definitely worth a trip if you’ve never been.

Thanks for reminiscing guys.  I will be back very soon with a cool surprise for ya 🙂

All my love


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