The Unexpected Project 2015


Hey guys!  I don’t know if any of you live in the Fort Smith area but if you do you might have seen some advertisements for The Unexpected Project 2016.  Last year Fort Smith and the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith had the opportunity to bring out different artist from across the world and paint murals all over our downtown for two weeks.  Within that two weeks there was also an art event where locals got to do chalk art in the park and also they totally revamped the art department at UAFS.They opened a new building that serves as the art building where regular college classes are held and also as a public museum FOR FREE which at the time had work from some of the street artist doing murals for the event and other famous artists including Banksy.  The whole thing was filmed and made into a series of some very beautiful videos.  I was hoping they would come around again but wasn’t totally sure it would happen.   You can’t even understand how ecstatic I was when these signs started popping up all around town.  Last year I spent two weeks walking around in the heat downtown with pretty much no money just to observe the art that was going on.  College students painted a mural, people were doing street art, vendors, the whole thing.  It was so cool and I can’t wait  for this to happen again.  I want to find a way to participate in the event and when I get more info I will definitely share a link for all you art loving locals to join as well.  Thanks for the read and I will be back with more material for you guys tomorrow!

All my love


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