Crystal Bridges


Hi guys! So a few weeks ago I found myself off of work, stuck at home with my sister, and we were both really bored and if you know either of us then you would know we are always down to get out of town.  I’ve been to Crystal Bridges 4 or 5 times and every time I get back there I find that a lot of stuff has been changed or moved around. I think the last time I went was actually  in the winter so I couldn’t  really walk around outside on their newer trails and had definitely not seen the newer sculpture garden they had going on. We decided to take the drive out there and see what was new.  My favorite part of this whole trip was honestly the new stuff they had outside.  I’m not sure how new it was but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before and they are kind of hard to miss so I’m just assuming.   The huge sculpture represent season and are based off of famous paintings.  They were so detailed and I honestly just wish I could odd something like that.  I finally got to check out the room with the lights in it and take a picture.  I know that that exhibit has been there a long time I just had never been in there for some odd reason.  I loved that we went in in the middle of the week because we were honestly the only ones there it felt like.  We really got to take everything in and just enjoy being there.

Thanks for the read… I know my writing is wack. I’m working on it 😉

All my love


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