Peacemaker Music and Arts


So today I realized I am very behind on my blogging.  I have been wanting to share some throwbacks lately just because those are some of my favorite pictures and I love sharing cool experiences so you guys can experience them too!  But… I have been kinda overlooking posting stuff that I’m currently doing!  About two weeks ago the Fort Smith Riverfront Amphitheater/Park held the second annual Peacemaker Music and Arts Festival.  I will say that I did not go to the first one last year, I think I was out of town because I have no idea why I would ever miss something that sounds so perfectly me.  This year was way bigger than last year though.  A lot of people had heard about last years events and most people including me were pumped about seeing the headliners of the festival, The Coldwar Kids!  This was a huge band to have at this festival and I think it brought out a lot of people.  The festival has so much potential, i think it’ll only grow and grow as the years go on which i am really excited to experience.  So many cool vendors were there, people from the local farmers market I see all the time, some out of town artist, and big food chains even set up food trucks.  It was honestly so cool and I wish I had been able to go last year to compare how much it has grown.  I will definitely be going next year and hopefully will find a way to participate in the event.

Thanks for the read


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