Barkingham Palace Show

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Hey guys!  So I said I would keep you updated on Crackrock performances so today I have their latest show.  The last show was last weekend at Barkingham Palace in Tulsa Oklahoma!  It was such a cool venue.  If you ever got to experience a show at the Syc House in Fayetteville Arkansas it’s very similar.  I’ll be doing a post soon about the Syc House and how cool of a venue it used to be.  This place, Barkingham has a lot of gypsy punk shows and a lot of folk punk.  It’s in the middle of a totally normal neighborhood and you’d honestly never guess they have house shows there until you walk inside.  I didn’t get too many picture of the inside of the actual house part of the venue but trust me, it was awesome.  Covered in art and music stuff.  I would honestly love to live in a place like that (ps my boyfriend and a friend of ours are actually looking into getting a house venue set up within the next few month so watch out for that).  Riot Waves played which was my personal favorite other than Crackrock but also a band traveled all the way from California to perform at this show.  A lot of awesome bands have played at Barkingham.  Like bands we actually listen to.  It was so surreal to know that and know Crackrock was playing there. Idk. Not a huge deal but at the same time just so cool.  The actual venue part was in the basement which honestly was a thousand degrees and crazy with how many people were down there and pushing each other around.  I think this place is going to be a really good venue to play at in the fall when it gets cooler.  Even though it was hot it was honestly still probably one of my favorite shows they did.  I recorded the whole set and put up a 10 minute clip of it on youtube.  If you are interested in watching that the link is right here.

Give it watch and check them out!

All my love


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