10 Tips For Upcoming Seniors


So you’re a senior.. You probably feel on top of the world.  Take a second and really take that in.  Feel it.  Be in this crazy moment of your life.  Before you know it it’ll be done and you’ll be moving out and on your own trying to take on this world.  This time of year always feels so inspiring to me.  I just always feel this huge feeling of rebirth.  It’s a new start.  Even if you aren’t going into school you still feel that little buzz of excitement in the air.  I was feeling really inspired by this time of year and thinking about what I wish I could tell myself when I went into my senior year.. So I have made a list to share with you.

  1. Speak up! YOU LITERALLY GET POINTS FOR SPEAKING UP IN CLASS DONT BE QUIET AND LAZY LIKE ME WHEN YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION!! I seriously used to sit in my classes and wait in the longest class silences because no one would speak up or no one knew the answer.  I just didn’t want to talk.  EVEN IF I KNEW THE ANSWER. I t drives me crazy knowing that I would just sit there when I could have gotten participation points..
  2. Take the time to study and do your work.  College and life is going to kick your ass if you aren’t willing to just try.  Work isn’t THAT hard when you think about the fact that this is the only time in your life when your main responsibility is to go to school and learn FOR FREE.  You seriously get to spend so much of your time learning and you should take advantage of every single minute of it.  I can’t emphasize this enough. Get your work done, don’t be lazy, and try your hardest.
  3. Take advantage of every opportunity given to you.  Like i said this is a special point in your life where you are most likely not having to pay rent and pay all of your bills.  For most high schoolers you’re main responsibility is going to be getting good grades and racking up some scholarships.  Take advantage of school trips, see things meet people!  Join clubs for things you’re passionate about not just something that’ll look good to a school.  Participate in clubs and go to school events.  Be a part of something!
  4. Go to games, concerts, plays, anything your school puts out there!  Show support for your fellow students!  And usually for school events students get in for a discounted price.  Whenever you find yourself bored go to something at your school for cheap 😉
  5. Don’t be a slob… This is more of a personal thing but I just never really understood people that take pride in wearing actual pajama bottoms to school.  THat was seriously a thing at my high school.  Now I’m not saying school is a fashion show.  You’re there to learn so at the end of the day to each his own. But I just don’t get it. How hard is it to put leggings on and pretend you care?  Also when you are dressed a little bit better it honestly helps you focus more.  If you’re there in pajamas odds are you’re going to feel sloppy and be one of the people drooling on their desk in the back. Sigh.
  6. No one cares about you as much as you think they do.  I promise.  Wear your favorite crazy print shirt because odds are everyone will be too focused on themselves they won’t even notice.  Wear and do whatever you want.  Everyone else is too busy being self conscious about themselves, you shouldn’t have to be self conscious.
  7. Spend as much time with your friends as possible.  You don’t know what’s going to happen.  10 years from now you guys might not even talk.  Make study dates, go to games together, have bonfires.  I finally learned to do this my junior year and those are honestly the best memories I’ve ever had.  I spent every day after school hanging out with my friends, studying, hiking, taking little road trips to away games.  This is your time.
  8. Be reeeeeeeaallyyyyy careful driving at parking at school.  I can’t tell you how many accidents I saw in my school parking lot.  Or how many people (myself included) got pulled over on the way to school.  Your insurance will go up.  Like a lot.  And it’ll really suck for you when you have to pay that on your own.  Also if you get your first speeding ticket or maybe even after your first accident take a defensive driving course.  There are certain courses your town should offer and it’ll make your ticket disappear! *the more you know*
  9. Befriend anyone.  Smile at people in the hallway.  Talk to those people you stalk on Instagram.  It’s so weird we spend so much time commenting and liking people’s pictures but never actually talk and say hi. I promise asking them about that trip they went on or something is not going to be weird to them.  Compliment people if you like something about them!  If they obviously spent a little extra time on themselves this morning let them know you noticed.  It takes like 5 seconds out of your day and it will most likely make theirs.  Just be a nice person.  You’re all tired and struggling and don’t want to be there.. Stick together and just be pleasant.
  10. Don’t rush yourself.  If you aren’t sure about school take some time off.  If you think about it you’re so young.  You’re a teenager for gods sake.  Take some time, get a job, figure yourself out a little and experiment a little.  It’s okay.  Maybe school isn’t for you. I know so many people that rushed into school when they weren’t ready or didn’t really have direction and they flunked out by the first semester.  It’s a waste of your time and a huge waste of money.  Hell I know someone that knew they didn’t want to go to school but they went because “that’s just what you do” and they left after the first two weeks… Don’t let that happen to you.  Take your time.  It’ll be worth it I promise.  And everything tends to just work itself out.

Hope you guys find this helpful or at least a little interesting

All my love and good luck to all seniors or freshman in college!


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