Throwback Hot Springs Trip


Hey guys!  Today I was looking through some pictures, and I thought I’d share with you a trip I took to Hot Springs last year.  If you know me in person then you know I used to not ever be able to go anywhere out of my immediate town because I used to have this terrible little red car that was literally duct taped together.  This car had the front zip-tied on, duct tape to cover up holes and keep everything together, chucks in the seats missing, pieces of the inside falling off.  It would break down so much that I could really only take it to school and back.  I was lucky enough to receive a brand new 2015 Toyota Corolla for a graduation present.  As soon as I got this car I was going all over Arkansas, exploring places I’d wanted to go for years but hadn’t had the time, funds, or vehicle to do so.  I’ll definitely be sharing different experiences from last summer along with posts from my current life because I think anyone who lives in my area would love to see what’s out there and so close to you!  There’s so much to do around here!

We went out to Hot Springs for the day without any real plans.  I have been to Hot Springs when I first moved to Arkansas 7 years ago but when I went then I was really young and also my family just stuck too the main tourist attractions, the natural springs and bath houses.  Those things are very cool but Lucas and I wanted to do stuff that fit us a little bit better.  We walked on the main strip and discovered cute little antique stores and art museums.  We also went to this huge flea market and loved it so much we make it back there anytime we find ourselves in Hot Springs.  I forget exactly what it’s called but I would imagine it would be easy to find.  In this flea market we found records and a ton of interesting little booths that I swear you can’t find anywhere else.  Old pins and patches and all kinds of books and clothes.  There’s honestly something for anyone in this town and I’d definitely recommend that anyone who lives in Arkansas make a trip out there!  Definitely if you’re a music and arts lover.  There’s live music everywhere and art shops and even this cool little punk store right on the strip!

Thanks for reading

All my love


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