Two Shows in One Night/ Tulsa

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Hey guys!  So this past weekend Crackrock played two shows in one day and they were honestly the coolest sets I personally think they’ve ever done.  Both shows were in Tulsa which is a little far away from us so we left a little bit earlier to be able to do some fun stuff before.  We stopped at this really awesome record store called Holy Mountain.  If you like metal and doomy stuff it’s definitely the place for you plus the guy who runs it really knows his stuff and is down to talk and tell you about pretty much any record or cd he has.  I didn’t really have money to blow so I wasn’t able to get anything but my boyfriend walked out with like a hundred bucks worth of music, even an original Crass single FOR $20 which was kinda insane.  Definitely will be making a trip there this weekend before another show inTulsa they’re playing.

The first show was at this place that was a little harder to find.  A lot of stuff in the area has route 66 in the name so seriously every building we thought was this venue.  The venue was Route 66 Event Center and we were there for the See You in the Pit heavy music festival.  It was a really cool venue and everyone there was so nice and down for a good time.  It was the first place they played at that was like a legit club so that was cool.

After the set at Route 66 we had to pack everything up and head over to the Tulsa Art Museum.  Every first friday of the month they have a show on the rooftop and this time it was a noise show.  It was honestly one of the coolest musical experiences of my life.  Like I’ve been to musical festivals and seen my favorite artists in concert but this was just something else.  The venue was in downtown Tulsa, roof top show, all the bands wer the kind of freaky noisey stuff I enjoy.  It was weird though because since it was on top of this fancy shmancy art museum a lot of the people that were coming in were just old people dressed up all nice enjoying a day getting cultured looking at paintings… and they were just stumbling into this loud weird show.  I can only imagine what they thought.  But it was cool. Some of the older people I think genuinely enjoyed it, idk maybe they thought it was just freaky performance art.  But it was just an awesome moment.  I was so proud of Lucas and that him and his friends had just created this thing months ago and were doing such a cool thing.  One of those once in a lifetime moments for sure.

All my love


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