Cupshe Bathing Suit- Review


Today I decided I wanted to do a small review for you guys.  This post is not sponsored (but I wish it was HEY CUPSHE) but I found this brand really randomly on Wanelo and have fallen in love.  A few months ago I was stumbling through the app Wanelo and found this cute little bathing suit and decided to investigate.  With Wanelo I always try to research before I invest in anything because usually you have to wait 2 months for products and it might not be what you even want (usually the case).  I looked into some of the reviews on the Cupshe page and looked at other girls experiences and pictures of the quality of clothing they received.  To me everything checked out so I ordered the suit.  It ran me about $20 plus shipping I think which to me wasn’t bad, a lot of bathing suits at Target or your local mall are more expensive.  This suit had great reviews and I looked at other girls who had received it and it seemed legit and I just thought the shape of the top was super unique.  My package came to me in about a month which was fine; I expected it to get to me two weeks later than that because it was international shipping.  This suit is wonderful and more than worth the price!  I love the quality, it’s not cheaply made and even though it’s white it’s not at all see through which for me is hard to find in lighter colored suits.  This is pretty much the only suit I’ve been wearing all summer and have gotten loads of compliments on it.  If you want to try something a little bit more different than your typical string bikini order it here!  You’ll find that the price has been dropped to $13!

I will most likely be doing more reviews in the future (possibly in video format) so stay tuned!  Thanks for the read and I will be back soon!


All my love


One thought on “Cupshe Bathing Suit- Review

  1. Hello H

    Actually, like your post about cupshe, I too like that company but for some reason, there are a lot of negative comments around them and I don’t know why. I read another positive review at and some really negative ones at

    So i am glad I cam across your blog. Quick question is, will you buy from cupshe again or never again. Would like to know. Regards Madeleine.


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