Late Fourth of July + Throwbacks

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Yes I am fully aware that fourth of July was actually almost two weeks ago.. but these pictures are cute and I don’t want to wait literally a year to post them.  Most of them are throwbacks but they are so cute and make me so happy to this day.  Fourth of July is actually one of my favorite holidays because to me it’s more of a everyone coming together holiday. …I know every holiday is kinda like that but the fourth is different for some reason.  It’s in the summer so you have to make more of an effort to invite and get your friends there.  To me it’s not only a patriotic and amazing holiday but also a family/friends/ everyone just coming together and appreciating this amazing place we live in and having a good time with each other.  It probably sounds very cheesy but that’s just how I view it.  All of my fourth of July memories I look back on are the most fun I have ever had with my friends.  Being stupid, setting things on fire (including ourselves), being silly, and just getting together and making food and laughing. Ugh. I feel so nostalgic and hope you all had a wonderful Fourth and made tons of beautiful funny memories.  And thank you so much to all of the men and women who serve for this country.  Nothing would be the way it is without you fighting for this country.


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