New Orleans Day 3

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So Day 3.  Definitely needed to make up for being half asleep and sick af on day two.  And honestly it did. It overcompensated.

We started off our day a little earlier than the day before, like 7 am earlier.  We both really wanted to go see the cemeteries and explore the garden district.  Honestly you get so much more out of it if you go through a touring company.  We booked a tour the night before.  It wasn’t very difficult; you just look up tours in the garden district and find a time that will suit you.  We decided on the 9 am tour because it was going to be really hot out and we didn’t want to be in the sun and heat at the hottest point of the day.  Our tour guide was really helpful and really friendly.  It actually ended up raining while we were on our tour and I give him major props for sticking to it and being so good with improving where it was raining to hard to walk on the tour.

On the tour we went on we walked all through the Garden District which was more beautiful than I expected.  I mean I knew I needed to go through it and I knew it would be a one of a kind experience but wow.  This was whole new level pretty.  The trees are just unlike anything I see where I live, the iron fences, the flowers and smells everywhere.  I could not stop taking pictures.  I decided that it would be my ultimate life goal to be rivh enough to own a home there.  All of the beauty and the history just blew my mind.  Our guide informed us of all kinds of things that just drove me crazy and made me laugh.  The whole city of New Orleans has the best history I’m a bit obsessed at the moment.

We walked through cobblestone streets and parts that had been affected by hurricane katrina.  Seeing such beautiful things grow in somewhere where you know such a disastrous thing happened really changes your perspective, for me anyway.  Seeing all of these things flourish and be lived in; have actual families living happy lives in the midst of all of this history. Ugh. Sigh.  I just can’t.

After the garden district we headed over to Lafayette Cemetery 1.  They recently made it a rule that in order to enter the cemetery you have to be on a tour.  I was so happy that we had booked this because this was something that I was the most excited to see.  Our guide explained that the rule had been pretty recently put into place because of grave desecration.  When we were walking through the cemetery my heart just could not take it.  Not only was it spooky and full of even more history and facts I didn’t know but it was also it’s completely own kind of beautiful.  Something about a historic gravesite just gave me the chills.

After our tour our guide recommended that we go to the local art museum.  My parents had recently been in town and had told me the exact same thing.  We decided to take a Lyft (way better/cheaper to use than Uber) and get over there right after.  As soon as we got to the museum we both were hit with a wave of hunger and probably a little heat exhaustion.  Luckily, there is a cute little cafe in the museum and it is decently priced.  The food took a little longer than expected but definitely more than worth the wait.  I ordered the cauliflower curry soup just because that isn’t something I would try everyday and one of their margarita pizzas.  My world was rocked.  If I had to do it again I would just get the pizza because it was so good and the soup was okay but nothing in comparison to the pizza.  All together I think the meal was around $12.

After chowing down we finally toured this wonderful museum.  It was honestly one of my favorite art museums I have ever been to.  Perfect mix of modern and classic art.  Also, I loved how they had little touches of french history mixed in.  I can’t describe how beautiful this was so I have included more than enough pictures than needed above.

And for our last night in NOLA we decided to splurge a little and go to this burlesque style restaurant called Saints and Sinners owned by none other than CHANNING TATUM.  It was honestly the sexiest restaurant I had ever seen.  Red crushed velvet walls, sexy curtains, little dashes of Channing Tatum around, and the occasional stripper pole.  Unfortunately they only do the actual burlesque on the weekends :(((  The food was amazing.  For our last night I decided to be a little silly and get something not very New Orleans but still incredibly good; crab mac n cheese.  So sooo good I am still drooling over it. Another part of our little splurge was to also get dessert no matter how full we were that night.  We ended up getting the chocolate torte. It was so rich we only needed one piece between the two of us.

Leaving New Orleans was very hard for me.  I just saw so much beauty of all kinds in every place I looked.  On street cars, in the alleys, in stores, downtown, art galleries, cemeteries, gardens.  It was the best trip I have taken in a while and I am so thankful had the opportunity to go.


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