New Orleans Day 2

OOTD, Travel

Day two in New Orleans was a very good one but a very strange one.  We started off the day by hitting up  the local starbucks right down the street from the hotel we were staying at.  We would do this every morning looking super ratchet and come back with coffee and muffins or scones, whatever we were feeling for breakfast; and start getting ready for the day.  After a very long two hour session of doing our makeup and getting cute we headed out on the town.  We didn’t really have a plan for this day and it did not go as I expected it to.

I wasn’t feeling the best so the first thing we did was head to the nearest store to grab some allergy medicine.  I did not expect the humidity and extreme closeness to sea level to fuck up my sinuses as bad as it did. WARNING make sure that when you buy allergy medication from a novelty gift shop to A. always check the expiration date (luckily Danielle did this because I didn’t even think about it) and B. Make sure it isn’t drowsy medicine.  The decision to pick out medicine really quickly and not check out exactly what I was buying was something I ended up regretting the rest of the day.

We spent most of the morning exploring.  We went all down Bourbon Street and along the way we ran into some really interesting people.  A guy in a wolf costume, a half naked lady in pasties and fishnets, someone giving away free sexy hats for a church, it was so fun.  After like two hours of shopping and walking around we realized we really hadn’t eaten anything and decided to stop at this little restaurant on Bourbon with the best seafood/gumbo around.  I forget the name but I recommend using the Zomato app to find places like this.  We would have never found it if we hadn’t used the app to search our price range and the local ratings.  Around this time is when I finally took that allergy medicine and it was all downhill from there.  As we walked to try beignets for the first time I started feeling really weird.  It took me a minute and then I realized what I had done.

We went to this outdoor cafe called cafe beignet.  It was cute, beautiful scenery and atmosphere.  Everything looked delicious and came to us really quickly.  I ended up getting beignets of course and an eclair for later. Both 0f which blew my mind with how delicious they were. Around this time I made the decision to tell my friend what was going on and told her that we really needed to head back to the hotel.  I don’t even fully remember walking back, I was so exhausted and it was one of the worst experiences in my life and really terrible timing.

We finally get back to the hotel and luckily my friend was understanding and totally down for me to just sleep it off for a few hours.  When I finally woke up it was later at night so we got hoed up and headed out for a little adventurous night.  We ended up exploring more of the french quarter and taking one of the street cars through town.  The whole route was about an hour and its really worth it.  You pay like $1 and get to see the whole city without having to deal with crowds or a tour guide.

This day was one of our less adventurous ones but definitely one of a kind and very memorable.  Outfit details {army green bralette from Charlotte Russe, Red shirt was originally a midcalf length dress I got at Thrift Town for $2, shorts are from a friend but I have had them for two years and they are from Forever 21 I think, red tie shoes are from Charlotte Russe, and necklace is from Maurices}


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