New Orleans Trip Day One


A few weeks ago I had the itch to get out of town.  I have a relatively interesting lifestyle but still, sometimes you just need to experience something fresh.  Maybe it was inspiration or maybe I was bored but I decided that I was going to go to somewhere on my bucketlist.  New Orleans has been somewhere I have always wanted to visit for as long as I can remember.  The history has always intrigued me and now that I’m older I thought it would be a unique experience and perfect for my first non-parent roadtrip.  My parents of course though I was crazy and would not be able to handle it but I planned out some stops and booked a hotel and within a week my best friend and I were on the road.

It was a nine hour drive from Fort Smith but somehow we made it.  It was honestly relatively easy and we didn’t come across any ridiculous traffic.  I would recommend leaving earlier so you get into town before rush hour and navigating everywhere is a lot less stressful.  We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot in the french quarter which was interesting..  On the very bottom floor with the street and all the sounds that come with it feet away from us.  For us it was fine, if you are traveling with a family or a light sleeper I would definitely request to not be on the first floor.

Sine we got into town at such a strange time we had plenty of time to rest up and start getting ready to go out.  When we headed out we were looking for the closest food available.  We went to this little restaurant right on the strip which had a lot of color and looked really cute.  We later found out that this was a local chain called Willies.  We tried gumbo for the first time which was delicious but honestly probably overpriced for the amount and quality.  You could definitely find better in the city but at the time we were so hungry we didn’t even care.  We walked the strip and of course it started to rain so we were hiding out in all of the touristy shops.  We looked at tshirts and overpriced little trinkets, decided what we would probably come back for on our last night in town.

After hours of walking around aimlessly and trying to not get struck by lightening we decided to head back.  And in typical Haley/Danielle fashion we were starving again.  By this time it was 12:30 at night and surprisingly not a whole lot was open.  We called around and downloaded the Zomato app and found some places that were willing to deliver.  We decided on one of the only bakeries open and willing to deliver to us at 1 am; Daisy Dukes Cafe.  They were so nice and talked us through the whole menu and we ended up getting the best cheesecake I have EVER had in my entire life and also some apple pie which was good… but definitely not as good as cheesecake. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone craving sweets at 1 am.  Everything was like 2-3 dollars and they came really quickly!  After that we pretty much passed out and called it a night.




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