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Hello my loves! Valentines Week is upon us! I have a few looks to share with you (hopefully) everyday this week! Some abstract, some wearable for a date night with your significant other. Keep an eye out! I have been so so busy but I have also been falling head over heels back in love with makeup these past couple weeks. I’m truly so passionate about what I do and hope you all find something like that in your life. Hope your week is full of lots of love. Whether that be from yourself, for yourself, from your family, your friends, the love of your life. Hope it’s grand for you!

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All my love


how are you, really?


I think for once I’m good.  I’m stressed out about rent and what not but I’m all around somewhat okay.  Things that are out of my control are going to stay that way and it’s fine.  I just switched to a better job doing my line of work with all things beauty related and that’s going really well for me so far.  I finally feel like I know where I’m going and this little space in between where I’m not quite there but working towards it is exactly where I should be right now.  I haven’t really been struggling too badly with my mental health which is honestly such a feat on its own.  And I haven’t even had to really make a conscience effort to do so which is… refreshing.  I had a little weird period a few weeks ago where I just laid in bed for a few days and did nothing but eat and watch youtube videos but that’s genuinely as bad as it’s gotten for me this winter so far and that is just such a nice feeling as someone that has struggled with depression for pretty much my entire teens/ adulthood at this point.  I have been trying to get into modelling but I have honestly been a little lazy with it.  Maybe intimidated?  I just don’t want to half ass anything.  I don’t want to ever be just a local person.  I want to do things that grow and make me happy and fit into the life that I know I want for myself.. We are just in the process of getting there I guess and finding the best options to work with until then.  And that goes for pretty much every aspect in my life. I am just out here trying my best, adapting, and trying to thrive.  And I believe I might actually be doing that? Or on the way to it?  I haven’t been hanging out with friends as much but that’s because I am in the middle of really focusing on myself right now. And when I’m not doing that I’ve been loved up with someone that has been a huge part of my life for a long time.  I’m feeling all over the place and happy and right where I need to be for now.

That’s it.  That’s the post.


sweet but sour


Hi my loves!  This makeup post is brought to you by this dreamy indigo crushed velvet button down I found at a local thrift shop for $4 and a whole lot of nyx products.

I used:

  • Maybelline Fit Me foundation (dewy) in 125
  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer
  • Fenty Stunna lip paint
  • nyx vivid brights in the shade vivid fire
  • My morphe james Charles palette, 39A palette, and my lime crime venus palette
  • Anastasia brow pomade in deep brown
  • It cosmetics loose setting powder
  • Julep smudge liner in the waterline
  • Ardell wispies
  • essence lash princess mascara

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spontaneous mom dates

OOTD, Travel

Hi lovies!  Today I am sharing with you another little throwback kind of post.  This is form the fall actually.  A date I went on with my mom.  At the time my personal life and mental health was just all over the place and I think she was surprised I wanted to go out and do this with her.  Because of the things I was going through at the time my insomnia started to really show itself and go into full gear.  Luckily I don’t struggle with it as badly now.. I think just from working 4 am shifts so much and being on the go and so busy these past few months my body just knows it can’t be up for days straight and doin alla that.  This particular day I had been for two days and I just happened to be up making breakfast at 7 am when my mom walked in the kitchen and asked what my plans were for the day.  Yes, I was tired.  But no, I wouldn’t be crashing till probably the afternoon if I was lucky.  I love fall so much and hadn’t really seen much of my family but was and am extremely thankful for them. Sooooo… I said I had zero plans and would love to go to this little festival and an hour later we were gone.


So this festival I believe was the Van Buren fall festival.  They have a ton of huge markets and street festivals throughout the year though so who can be sure which one exactly it was.  Van Buren is a cute little town that has character and actual LIFE to it.  Much like downtown fort smith… But executed in such a better way.  This festival was on a perfect foggy crisp morning and it was right before rain was about to hit.  Talk about a dreamy autumn day. We shopped, walked up and down main street a few times, pet some animals, grabbed some new plants, and finished up with a nice genuine heart to heart at a diner I had never been in.  I love that I live like ten minutes from here now.  I can see myself living it up at the farmers market come spring time.  If you are ever in Arkansas I would definitely check Van Buren out!  Especially on a Saturday morning.

I love this building.  I don’t even know if it’s a current business.  I don’t think it is.  But I have so many pictures of it and wish they would turn it into something cute!

A view of main  street.. usually a lot more hopping but it was early in the morning and cold out for here!

A ghost hunting group that I am so interested in

antique and trinket shopping… like always

This now resides on my dresser year round.  Only $1!

Not for sale but did spark some ideas for my current apartment (stay tuned for garden area/ cat sanctuary lol)


Stopped in to a local art gallery and studio where they had a really cool thing going on for the day. Everyone that came in could add something to a canvas.  The same canvas for all day. So by the end of the day you end up with one collective painting from the community.  I love.

The ceiling of this diner was to die for.. I sadly forge the name but if you walk around you’ll find it.  I am so shocked that I had never even heard of it before or hadn’t seen anyone I follow or local photographers take pictures in it before.  Because???


Anyone that knows me knows I want a little pig so badly so this made my day. Life. Everything.  Some day I’ll be running my own little piggie sanctuary just wait!

The fit.. This jacket was thrifted, shirt is form my sister and I actually don’t have it any longer.  I believe she just go tit on zaful though. Jeans from H&M divided and boots are thrifted from a local goodwill.

Had to get a good mom pic in for this rare occasion… As far as I know she now has this framed and it was probably blasted all over her facebook and insta lol.

More diner shots… How spooky and perfect??

Hope you all aren’t too bothered by the throwback posting.  I am trying to not have too many old posts thrown in with the up to date ones and makeup posts.  I just have so much stuff to share from the last year honestly that I just wasn’t able to blog.  Check me out on Instagram for more of my day to day life.  I post stuff on there almost every single day.  Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!  See you soon!


some positive things going on

  • working as a barista and its crazy and hectic and super fast paced and I love it (most days lol)
  • I live closer to my friends now and just down the hall from my bestie
  • cut my hair to my shoulders which literally made me feel new and like myself. GOODBYE unhealthy ends, flat hair, and the bad memories that came with it
  • I moved into a new apartment kinda spontaneously and have not looked back ever since
  • my building is built hundreds of years ago and a handful of people that I know that also happened to live here in the past said it was haunted… which interests my spooky azz
  • I live alone and am totally self sufficient and so proud of myself for that and it is exactly what I have wanted for YEARS actual YEARS people.
  • I am working as an independent freelance makeup artist and slowly starting to do more client work which makes me so happy
  • I keep cutting my hair shorter and dying it lol.  Right now I feel like bangs, short bedhead, and black hair fits me so well
  • my apartment smells good and everyone comments on it the second they walk in which is like THE compliment to me.
  • I finally got my esthetics license transferred to Arkansas which is liberating
  • I applied to a place I wanted to work at and they called to interview two days after
  • interview went well, it was so chill and warm, knew the job was mine
  • they called a day after and said another position opened up.  the one I am currently going for is more pay and more hours. but I can pretty much choose which one I want and its all mine.  Which is a lovely problem to have and so much to think about this week!  Hence the lack of posting the past couple days.
  • my dishwasher has been broken but it is currently being fixed as we speak
  • I just got a bunch of cute wall décor from a local antique store I tend to frequent now
  • I also just got a $20 side table and a bundle of dried rosemary and I am :’)
  • I am getting a cat tomorrow and so ecstatic I already know what I’ll name her and plan on getting another one in the next couple of weeks
  • my friends are so supportive of me and the ones that are not have been dropped lol
  • I am genuinely thriving and busy and making money doing what I love and the future seems so bright
  • I have the next couple days off to focus on some new art pieces I have been working on
  • I am setting up a depop shop finally!!!  Because I thrift so often and get rid of things so frequently.
  • I am getting back into the youtube game and so pumped.  Not any one specific niche.  Daily vlogs, mukbangs, makeup, room tour, all the things I like to watch

Guys I am just so happy and a few months ago I would have never pictured my life would be exactly how it is today.  This is what I have dreamed of for years and slowly everything has come to fruition.  I have been putting in the work for the past year and gone through so much mentally and emotionally and I am honestly just so proud of myself.  I will definitely start sharing more on this process next week and giving little details about coping and overcoming everything I have gone through.  I can’t wait for you all to be along for this journey and for everything I am going to share.  I hope you all find your happiness!

All my love


Some Cool Tones


Hello my loves! I have a few stock piles makeup looks left I’ve been dying to share with you cue my long very flat and volume less hair… but I am actually working on a client tonight the day I am typing this. So! Expect looks from me, of me, on clients, and face charts very soon. How exciting to feel this rush on inspiration lately.

Today’s look is just me playing around with some colors I don’t usually gravitate towards. And since I’ve done this look I’ve fallen in love with using blues and greens a lot more. I’ll keep today short and sweet. For details on this look go to my Instagram @zirbellious. Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! See you back here tomorrow.

modeling at a gallery opening for a local designer


Hello my loves!  Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday morning while I am working away in my little part time barista job today.  I have been so busy with work, finding an esthetician job/ location I can see myself thriving in, trying to get inspired to do looks on myself and clients over the weekend, and trying to stay consistent with posting.  All while moving into this new cozy place of mine which I will be showing you bits and pieces of in the near future!  I am so excited to share with you some pictures I just got back from a fun experience I had in December.

So in December a local graphic designer/ photographer friend of mine posted on Instagram saying that she was on the lookout for a handful of women to be models at an event that night.  I of course jumped at the opportunity with minimal information and she responded almost immediately.  I was told to be at Bastion Gallery for pictures in an all black outfit.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I went with minimal makeup and a red lip to stand out thinking that I would be taking pictures for a local jewelry designer.  Well, I ended up walking into something totally different and being pleasantly surprised.

So I walk in and it’s a whole thing.  A whole gallery opening.  I am told to go change into some clothing they have laid out for me.  Told to just walk around and mingle for an hour and then I’ll be walking a little runway show with like 5 other models.  Soooo I grab a glass of wine, find some friends, and walk around in fabulous clothing having my photo taken and meeting local artists.  Pretty crazy stuff.  And all so spontaneous.

Photo taken by Heli Mistry

All pieces are designed and created by Mireille Gracia Belinga who honestly deserves so much more recognition.  The colors in her pieces are incredible.

Go best friend that’s my best friend

More of Mireille’s work.  She also hand makes all of her own bags that you get when you purchase any of her items.









I loved this experience so much and it felt good to feel so uncomfortable but sure of myself all at the same time.  This year is all about taking the steps to get to where I want to be in life and opportunities like this and saying YES to them is exactly the right kind of step.  Hope to do more modeling gigs soon and actually get good at it.  I want to do runway this year and really improve.  This was one of the first times I did something like this but it has always been a huge interest of mine.  Who knows where I’ll go.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post for you all!

H 🙂